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Photos By: Alex Amorose

Oliver Shaw is a singer, songwriter, poet and musician. Who writes all of his original material. Born in London, and who grew up for the most part of his life in Camden town.

Oliver has been writing songs since he was 16. His influences range anywhere from Nirvana, Radiohead, The Beatles, 

R.E.M,Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, The Smiths, The Doors, The Strokes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. To artists such as John Lennon, Serge Gainsbourg, Thom Yorke, Syd Barrett, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. He even lists direct influences from others in the arts such as, writers, poets, Nicky Wire, Richey Edwards, Samuel Beckett and Spike Milligan.


Oliver has recorded his first solo album independently titled 'The Last of the English Cowboys'. Which was released on December last year, and is very excited to announce the release of his second studio album out now, 'Of Darker Plains' will be available on Spotify and all other formats, plus a limited edition vinyl, released March 19th! The latest single is

'Everyone Needs a Dan Leno'.

All tracks on the album were produced by Paul Tipler(Placebo, Idlewild, Stereolab). Oliver loves working with Paul, and will be working on a third album with him again soon.

When Oliver plays live he plays with his beloved band 'The Oliver Shaw Experience'.

Listen out for the new album coming out very soon. ‘Of Darker Plains' which Comes out this February 21st on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, plus all other formats. Then on limited edition vinyl March 19th

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