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Photos By: Alex Amorose

Oliver Is a singer songwriter , poet, musician. Who writes all of his own material. Oliver is a Londoner and grew up for the most of his life in Camden town. Oliver has been writing songs since he was 16. His influences range anywhere from Nirvana, Radiohead, The Beatles, R.E.M. The Smiths, The Doors, The Strokes, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Fat White Family To artists such as John Lennon, Serge Gainsbourg. Oliver has now independently released two solo albums.


“The Last Of The English Cowboys” and his newest release “Of Darker Plains” which is available here on Spotify and all other formats now.


Plus his third studio album is coming this 2023! So please stay posted. When Oliver plays live he plays with his beloved band 'The Oliver Shaw Experience . To purchase you're very own copy of either album on vinyl, and for more live gigs news, reviews, photos, news, and more on iTunes and his official YouTube channel please visit


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